Friday, November 18, 2005

Cat Blogging

Tigger is the only cat in the house that isn't mad at me. Doesn't he just look soooo cute! Bows is still taking antibiotics and runs away from me. She doesn't want to take that nasty medicine. The antibiotics make her sick so she hasn't been eating. Just a few more days! Eli is on a diet. He needs to lose a couple of pounds. He's been haunting the kitchen looking for more food.

As for me, I think the radiation is affecting my stomach. I've been throwing up almost every meal. The stuff more likely to stay down is really bland stuff. I'm more likely to toss up fried stuff. Oh well, on a bright note, I may lose a few needed pounds. OK, OK, more than a few pounds. All right! How about a whole lot of pounds!

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