Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Reporting In

Monday night I attend Fayetteville's Ward 4 meeting. Steve Davis, director of finance and internal service, said that the 2006 budget will be balanced after a few more adjustments. He handed out the 2006-2010 Capital Improvements Program. The city currently had 96 million dollars for improvements, however, the projects cost is 172 million dollars. The improvements needing the most money is Water & Sewer (84 million) and Street improvements (58 million). It's going to be a challenge to get that money.
Tim Conklin, director of planning and development management, presented the proposed annexation plan for Fayetteville. Development is rapidly taking place on the outskirts of Fayetteville and annexing these areas now would allow the city to make sure they were developed within the city's codes. If the city waited they would be annexing neighborhoods that violated codes. Annexation would also help with city planning. They would be able to make sure that commercial developments didn't conflict with residential areas.

Tuesday night was a really fun night. I went to the Lincoln Day Dinner hosted by the Washington County Republican Committee. The featured speaker was Newt Gingrich. I had an absolutely wonderful time. Most of Newt's speech came from points from his book Winning the Future My favorite part was the question and answer portion after his speech. He was more animated, relaxed and funny. Newt teaches history and you notice it when he speaks. He brings in a lot of American history when he discusses an issue. As a dedicated teacher he gave us a test which you can take too.

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