Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Library Tax

Library Director Louise Schaper said the strategic plan and comments generated in public meetings will help decide the need for additional property tax.

"We need to do the public meetings and we need to hear from the public and then we need to think of a time line," she said. "We need to base our actions on what we hear."

Library officials are going to be asking the public what they think about increasing the property tax to fund additional personnel at the library. I don't think they will be happy at what they will hear. Earlier this year residents voted down a tax increase for teacher's salaries so I don't think they will go for a tax increase for the library. The city council has just passed a property tax increase to balance the city budget and I know that a sales tax might be in the works to fund streets. During the winter and early spring people will be paying big time for gas and they won't be willing to pay for additional taxes. I think the library should be asking for volunteers to work in the library and reduce the hours the library is opened.

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