Sunday, November 20, 2005

One of Our Own

Lance Cpl. Joshua Ware: Our Hero

Ware's family celebrated his life, even in death. Family members said they are very proud of him and that he made the ultimate sacrifice.

"You can never take back. He ain't never going to be with us again. But I know that he died for my freedom. He died for my son and daughter's freedom," said Jericho Ware, Joshua's cousin.

Ware was living his dream, according to his family, after years of playing basketball and lifting weights in Roland. Ware's family described him as fun-loving, kind of a family clown but driven -- driven to finish the mission he was sent to complete in Iraq.

They said he excelled while in the Armed Forces, and had the ultimate goal of making the military a long-term career and gaining rank in the Marine Corps, where Ware had already earned five awards

I would like to thank the Ware family for giving us their son. His death saddens me, however, I am sooo proud of him. Thank you, Lance Cpl. Joshua Ware, for your precious gift in the service of the people of the United States of America. Story

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