Thursday, November 17, 2005

Radiation - Day 2

Second day of radiation. The actual radiation doesn't take that long, about 20 secs. Most of the time is spend getting me in the correct position. The radiation technologists must has written on walls as children. They've been having fun making marks on my body. The people at the center have been really nice. They've made the waiting area very comfortable and they have snacks and drinks on hand.

Yesterday when I went in they showed me the dressing and locker area. They showed me my cubby hole which will hold my gowns. It had my name on it. Do you know that I stood there and looked at it. I don't know why but it kinda got to me. I will be there getting treatments often enough to get my own personal space. Odd, the things that reach out and grab you.

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chris Muir said...

Remember, YOU control things, not Doctors, nor cancer.