Monday, November 21, 2005

Democrats - No Vision

I don't understand the Democrats. Why do they want to pull out of Iraq? Why don't they see the danger posed by Al-Qaida? Why don't they understand the importance of setting up a democracy in Iraq? What is preventing them from visualizing what would happen if we left? Al-Qaida declaring victory and embolden to purse their plans of destruction. Al-Qaida having chased off the USA would begin a murderous campaign in all the Arab states and would be pushing the destruction of Israel. The Democrats complain about the bombings and killings now, just wait until they see the massacres and annihilation that would happen if we left.

Thank you God, that we have a leadership in the White House that understands. Thank you for a Military that knows what they are doing and are willing to pay the cost. God has richly blessed us with men and women who value freedom, are willing to make sure we keep it and fight so others may have it.

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