Thursday, July 27, 2006

Asa Hutchinson, Fighting Meth

Asa Hutchinson again produces a set of plans to a state problem. On wednesday he proposed a six-point plan to fight the state's rising methamphetamine problem. I'm sure that these points came from Hutchinson's experience as head of the U.S. DEA.

1. Establish A Bureau of Drug Enforcement Within The Arkansas State Police
2. Expand Drug Treatment Courts in Arkansas
3. Provide Additional Funding to State Drug Task Force Programs
4. Work With Congress to Fund a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Designation in Arkansas
5. Increase Information Sharing and Coordination
6. Increase Drug Education Programs Through Private Sector Funding

So, once again, while Hutchinson lays a plans for Arkansas if elected governor, Mike Beebe says Hutchinson did a lousy job in Washington and goes "me too" on some of Hutchinson's ideas. I'd like to know why Beebe didn't implement these plans while he was in the legislature and as AG?

The Six Points

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