Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jim Holt, Republican's "Extremist"

MICHAEL R. WICKLINE's column takes a look at Jim Holt.
In the race for the state's top executive offices, Republicans portray the Democratic slate as "too liberal for Arkansas" and Democrats paint the Republicans as "extremists."

Michael is right in that Jim will be the polarizing candidate on the Republican ticket. I don't think that it may be a bad thing for the Republican party.
He's the candidate most clearly marked " rightly or wrongly" as the extreme element of the Republican ticket, the link that Democrats hope will hamper GOP gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson in his contest with Democrat Mike Beebe for governor.

Although the Democrats will try to paint the rest of the Republican candidates with the same brush as Holt, I don't think that it will work. Asa has made it clear that he has his own ideas and plans for Arkansas. Based on what Asa has been saying, it will be tough to plant the extremist label on him. It won't stop the Democrats from trying though. That's OK. Let them waste their money.

It may be that sandwiched between Holt's ultra-conservatism and the Democratic liberal slate, Asa will appear to be the moderate, mainstream candidate. That appearance will appeal to most voters.

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