Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Microwave Generation

Ahhh, we Americans live the good live and we don't appreciated it. So says Victor Davis Hanson. We are not only ungrateful for what we have,
We expect almost instantaneous success in everything we do

We also expect to get what we want and get it when we want it. This generation of Americans are very spoiled brats. However,
The good life sometimes can be lost quite unexpectedly and abruptly when people demand rights more than they accept responsibilities, or live for present consumption rather than sacrifice for future investment, or feel their own culture is not particularly exceptional and therefore in no need of constant support and defense.

I think too many people see American's affluence as a birthright, an entitlement. Many people have worked hard and sacrificed so that these whiners can live the American Dream. These ungrateful babies harp on the failings of our country while helping themselves to the generous bounty that our political and economic freedom have created.

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