Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fundraiser for Jim Lagrone & Jim Holt, The Speeches

I was fortunate to be invited by a friend to the Jim & Jim fundraiser at Charleston Lake Park. Asa Hutchinson was able to stop by. Asa said the Republican Party was working hard to support each other. He remarked that he liked where they were in the polls. I've heard comments that all the candidates had expected lower results. Asa said in the election the differences will be very clearly defined. He spoke on
the matter of credibility; what you say in private should also be what you say in public. (Hint, Hint, Beebe). The rest of the speech was about the issues he's been campaigning on.

Jim Lagrone said that he is running because Daniels has done a very poor job in making sure Arkansas elections were fair and accurate. He cited the disenfranchisement of Arkansas soldiers and the current 3 lawsuits (soon to be 4). He also talked about the ethics of Daniel's state staff working on the campaign, the use of the State Web Site for Daniel's election and questions regarding his relationship with the ES&S. He also criticized the contract with ES&S and the issues the counties have with the voting machines.

Jim Holt stated that the election is about Life or Death. Jim went on to describe the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats. He ran through most of the issues: judges, rual schools, taxes, pro-life, gay marriage and foster parents and immigration.

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