Monday, July 10, 2006

Slogans, Asa Hutchinson & Mike Beebe

It's time I started looking at our state races more in depth. Let's start with the top office. The governor's race, with Asa Hutchinson (R) and Mike Beebe (D). So, I checked out their websites and they both have a helpful little tab called "Issues". While scrutinizing their pages, I noted they both have a campaign slogan. That's good. Slogans can define who you are and what you wish to accomplish. Hutchinson's was prominently displayed, as if he was proud of it. Mr. Beebe, you might want to dig yours out of the paragraph. It didn't stand out.

Mike Beebe's: "Believe in Arkansas"
Believe; to accept as true, genuine, or real. It's a passive verb. It requires no action, nor does it require work. You can sit back in your recliner and declare "I believe". It's a slogan that's more emotion based, enticing you to "feel good". I think Mike Beebe had accurately defined the Democrat party. If you read what Beebe says, you realize that he has no solid goals he wishes to accomplish. He states general objectives he wishes to see in Arkansas but no particular steps to getting them done. It's just a wishy-washy, feel good, do nothing, mish-mash of drivel.

Asa Hutchinson: "Grow Arkansas"
Grow; to spring up and develop to maturity. An action verb. It sounds aggressive and demands that something must be done. Growing must have goals; to produce fruit, shade or fuel. Asa Hutchinson did well to choose this slogan. It says that he has goals and ideas that he intents to work hard to see them accomplished. If you look at Hutchinson's Issues page, he clearly defines his goals. Under the Grow Arkansas he's "laid out eight key principles for how Arkansas can accomplish that goal." Republicans have ideas about where they what Arkansas to be. However,unlike Beebe, they have clearly stated what steps and goals they intent to follow to make Arkansas better. Republicans know where they are going, and they have an action plan and a map to get there.

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