Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UK, Personal Kyoto Protocols

OK, this global warming crap is just getting sillier every day.
A radical plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions by rationing the carbon use of individuals is being drawn up by government officials. The scheme could force consumers to carry a swipe card that records their personal carbon allocation, with points knocked off each time they buy petrol or tickets for a flight. Under the scheme, all UK citizens from the Queen down would be allocated an identical annual carbon allowance, stored as points on an electronic card similar to Air Miles or supermarket loyalty cards. Points would be deducted at point of sale for every purchase of non-renewable energy.

Just what the UK needs, another way to depress their economy. Is the UK going back to the horse and buggy? Whooops, can't do that! All those horses will produce more methane gas and further increase global warming. I guess everyone will have to start walking.

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Shawn Benoit said...

Your comments are too often the biggoted unoriginal talking points of fox news and Ann Coulter.
Furthermore, IDIOT Green Technologies are the next generation stimulants for economic growth. Disincentivizing upgrades may improve individual bottom lines only if there is no interconnectivity between spending and profitability. Growth relies upon wasting for prosperity, but nothing is wrong with doing so conscientiously.
We can banter about the relational strengths of the earth's proximity to the sun ( Perihelion and Aphelion) and how the extrusions of volcanoes increase the potency of the earth;s magnetic fields. Both have established impacts upon climate shifts as variated by the proportionality of the earth's uptake of cosmic rays. The science of planetary warming and cooling is indisputable.
Nonetheless, don't reproduce. Having more sheep with misguided senses of self, essentially living embodiments of Sociopathic anomies only concerned with "how they feel or how they are touched by the world"(oh I am so special...blah blah blah because I have a boxed Idea of what is good and I match that box's description)". In truth, we are diminished by all social flaws and decreasing atmospheric O2 content. (Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide poisonings weaken intellectual capacity)