Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Lesson From History

Thomas Sowell takes us back to World War II and asks
What if the people, institutions, and attitudes of today were somehow taken back in time to World War II? What would have been the result? Would we have ended up winning or losing that war? What about the great cry of the hour, a cease fire?

A pertinent question, because the world is asking for a cease fire between Israel and the terrorists, Hezbollah and Hamas. The history of Israel is replete with cease fires, deals and negotiations and Israel is no better off because of them. Israel can not even trust the all-knowing, distinguished members of the United Nations to discharge their own resolutions.
Sowell describes what happened to a cease fire between France and Hilter.
During this period Hitler offered to negotiate peace with France and England.
Did this de facto cease fire lead to peace? No. Like other cease fires, it helped the aggressor.
It gave Hitler time to move his divisions from the eastern front, after they had conquered Poland, to the western front, facing France
Hitler attacked and France collapsed in six weeks

I find it absolutely amazing that people don't seem to learn from history. Another cease fire isn't going to stop Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas from trying to wipe out Israel. If they find they are losing, they will try to negotiate a cease fire so that they can build up again. Hopefully,Israel and the United States won't fall for that.

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