Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Joe Wilson, Blabbermouth

Novak spoke this morning and I've been laughing all day! Bwaaahaaa! Do you hear all the Democrat's balloons bursting? Whoooweee!
Novak adds that he got Plame’s name from Joseph A. Wilson IV’s own biography in Who’s Who, establishing yet again that Ambassador Munchausen was not exactly the sort of husband a cautious CIA would choose for an agent whose identity it meant to shield from public eyes

OK, let get serious. Novak says that Fitzgerald knew all along who the identity of the sources he used in his column of July 14, 2003. So, Clarice Feldman asks the big question we all want to know;
If Fitzgerald knew by January 12, 2004 who the leaker was and that it wasn’t Libby or Rove, why did he later call them to testify before the grand jury? Was it simply to determine whether he could trap them into making perjurious statements, something the law does not permit?

Mmmmm, I hear the crickets chirping.

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