Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Democrats, Ideas and Visions

It looks like the LA Times is admitting that the Democrat party has no visions or ideas. Not only that, it's telling the Party to get off it's duff and stop waiting for voters to get tired of the Republicans screwing things up. This moment is now, they say, for Democrats to offer some breakthrough ideas. They are correct in saying that ideas and visions have driven American history and politics.
The fact is that the parties that have won elections over the long term and have been able to build governing majorities are those that have put forward a vision that both inspires the American people and responds to the concerns they face at the time.

Can the Democrat party come together and formulate some ideas? I have some doubts about that. The party now consists of two large groups - a very vocal left wing socialist group and the traditional Democrat group, the FDRs and John Kennedys. They are fighting to see who controls the party. You just have to see what is happening to Joe Lieberman.

The LA Times misses a point. If the Democrats really tried to run on the ideas they do have, they'd lose. More taxes, more government, less guns, homosexual marriage, open borders and a weakened national security isn't exactly what the American people want.

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