Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More on the Hamdan Decision

In an earlier post I had said that this SCOTUS decision wasn't as bad as the MSM and the Democrats were portraying it to be. Noel Sheppard at the American Thinker thinks that the Republicans will benefit from this in November's elections.
when combined with another leak by the New York Times of a counterterrorism program just six days prior, Republicans were actually handed a tremendous gift dramatically improving their chances to hold both chambers of Congress in the November elections.

Noel has comments from both Democrats and Republicans and notes the disparities between them.
Amazing difference, isn’t it? On the right came a determination to use this Court decision to create legislation that would not only address the detention centers at Gitmo, but also how captured terrorists should be treated in the future. On the left came the typical castigations of the president and his policies without any suggestion as to how this matter should be resolved

It brings up the debate on the War on Terror. Which party is going to be best on winning that war? Which party to going to make sure that once we capture terrorists, they can't harm anyone again? Which party is going to treat terrorists like U.S. citizens, with full access to our courts?
When the legislation comes up to give President Bush the authority he needs to try terrorists under the military legal system, the Democrats are going to be screwed. They will have 2 choices: 1) Give President Bush what he wants on the military tribunals or 2) Oppose the legislation, still lose the vote and be perceived as wanting to grant U.S. citizenship rights to terrorists. Either way, President Bush and the Republican party win. Come the November election, they will once again have shown the difference between the two parties when it comes to defense and national security.

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