Saturday, July 22, 2006

Democrat Party, We Finesse

I got a big hoot from John Brummett's column today. He said that it's all well and good that the
Republicans enjoy the advantage of being themselves on cultural values

Republicans like to speak the truth, don't flip-flop and aren't two-faced. Democrats, on the other hand, must finesse. After all, Democrats must learn to suck up to those
rural conservatives in Arkansas will still vote Democratic out of habit and from a personal connection.

John's a bit peeved with Mike Beebe because he forgot that
The Democratic candidate's challenge is to connect with rural conservatives while taking the liberal base for granted without appearing too much to be taking it for granted

Yeah, Mike Beebe got caught telling a gay group that he supports gay foster parents then he turned around and said he'd support legislation banning gay foster parents.
Mike Beebe had been doing very well on the finesses of his Democratic gubernatorial bid until he stepped in it the other day with gays. He got caught finessing, which is not to finesse at all.

So, lying is just finessing. Of course, Arkansas has a fair number of Democrats who were great at finessing.
Clinton, both Pryors, Bumpers, Lincoln, Marion Berry, Mike Ross - that's how you do it.

Mike Beebe's big mistake was, he was caught.

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