Monday, April 30, 2007

Less Construction Hurts Mexico, America's Fault

One of the consequences to the down turn in new home construction is that Mexicans are out of work. These illegals no longer have the money to send back to their families in Mexico and according to the LA Times it's America's fault. Huh! How in the hell are we to blame? Those poor illegals not receiving their illegals wages because the evil, selfish Americans won't build new houses.

Hey! Here's a flash. Mexico's economic woes are not the fault of America. We aren't the bad guy here. Mexico is responsible for its own problems. It has more than enough oil, gas and minerals to make it as rich as any nation. However, it keeps putting in power corrupt socialist politicians and elitists who plunder the country. I can't blame the Mexican people for wanting to escape the failed policies of Mexico, but it is their own fault. They are the ones letting Mexico slide into poverty.

One wonders at the hard work and effort the Mexican people apply to get to and stay in America. Why can't they use some of that determination to better Mexico's economy? All the money and time they spend trying to get to America can be spent making Mexico better. Why can't they build the American dream in Mexico instead of bringing their 3rd world culture to America?

One has to wonder too, what happens if the American economy starts slowing down? What happens when U.S. citizens lose their jobs and start looking into the jobs illegal are occupying. What is going to happen to the employer who has hired these illegals instead of an unemployed U.S. citizen? Things could get very nasty for the illegal workers.

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